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Genetics is all about diseases that are inherited – how they happen, who is affected and their treatments.


Understanding Sickle Cell Anaemia Treatments in 2020

Despite the preventive measures, people with SCA can fall seriously ill.
It is important to note that illness can start from age 4-6 months when levels of the natural foetal haemoglobin, which prevents sickle red cells even in the person with SS genotype begin to drop.


Cure for Sickle Cell Anaemia? – 2020 Updates.

Before now, a cure for the condition has been mostly elusive.

For some years now, the only established cure for SCA has been stem cell transplant – that is, a transplant of “healthy stem cells from a matched sibling donor”.

There is also an alternative solution to stem cells for SCA cure has been developed recently – Gene therapy.


What Makes People Die During Chemotherapy?

Death during chemotherapy should not be a common event.
Chemotherapy works by killing the cancer cells, but it can also have a destructive effect on healthy cells.


Know The Chances of Transferring Cancer Genes Across Generations?

“The risk of breast cancer in women with an affected first-degree relative is approximately twice the risk in other women.
The risk of breast cancer increases with the number of affected relatives, and increases as the age of those affected decreases.”