Tag: General Health

General Health means any matter of health common to most people including infections, injuries, and problems that affect the way organs work.

These include hormone problems like Diabetes or Heart Disease among others.



World Multiple Sclerosis Day – Bringing Us Closer

Multiple Sclerosis. It’s a condition that many people in Nigeria still don’t understand too well. On World Multiple Sclerosis Day 2018,  the gains and advances in research on Multiple Sclerosis were celebrated. In particular, highlighting the quality of life improvements that current treatments offer for […]


Marking World NO Tobacco Day – What’s at stake?

Significant work is being done to promote a world free of Tobacco smoke. Here’s why its so important to keep the work going as World No Tobacco Day 2018 is celebrated. Learn More from the Graphic below:   ​​SMLXL There are great benefits to your […]


Valentine’s Bloody Semen Consultation.

Valentine is a 25-year-old nice looking bloke who came to the clinic at 4 am because of pain in the testes. It started nearly a week ago but that night at work it had become excruciating. Having taken some paracetamol with aspirin, the pain had […]


Antibiotics – How long should you have them?

Exactly how long should you take antibiotics? Sometimes this is NOT as obvious as it should be. A patient asked yesterday – ‘Doc if I’m feeling better after a few days, can I stop the antibiotics?’ We can’t overstate this so here it goes again: […]