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General Health means any matter of health common to most people including infections, injuries, and problems that affect the way organs work.

These include hormone problems like Diabetes or Heart Disease among others.



How to Alleviate Indigestion in Just 10 Minutes

Experiencing indigestion can be extremely uncomfortable, but the good news is that you can take steps to reduce or eliminate the symptoms. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to manage your indigestion and find relief. Avoid Eating Too Much At Once Overeating can lead to […]


Revealing Common Causes of Indigestion & How to Prevent It

Indigestion can have several causes, from overindulging in food and drink to eating too quickly. Generally, indigestion is a temporary condition that can be easily treated by changes to your diet and lifestyle. This article explores some of the common causes of indigestion and ways […]


What Are Side Effects of Hormone-Based Fibroid Treatments?

Knowing the side effects of hormone-based fibroid treatments is important if you have to use them for a period of time. Of course, the method you choose can depend on your symptoms – and preference. Being aware of possible adverse effects ahead of time helps […]