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African lady doing press ups for her cardio workout

5 Easy Cardio Workouts You Can Do at Home

Thinking of boosting your cardio workout game in the comfort of your home? Observing public health safety measures for Covid-19 might mean you are not keen to visit the gym these days. However, you ca

Avoid dangers of Dehydration -African man with low cut hair drinking water from a bottle

Dangers of Dehydration & How to Prevent Them

So we’ve all heard that dehydration is bad for you, but do we actually know why? If not, keep reading to find out, plus learn how to prevent the dangers of dehydration!  This article was or

Slim, pretty lady of African origin in shapely red coat

Is your metabolism related to your weight loss?

Having a 'fast or slow metabolism' so to speak refers to how much energy the body requires to function at rest. Various factors affect your BMR. A few are: 1. Sex – Women typically have more body f

An athletic african woman jumping in a stream

What’s a Slipped Disc and how can it be treated?

A slipped disc (also known as herniated disc; or disc prolapse) occurs when the nucleus (of the vertebral discs) cracks or ruptures through a weak area in the outer ring, as a result of wear and tear,

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