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Fitness of mind and body is an important aspect of overall health.

Physical fitness includes regular exercise as well as healthy eating.

Mental fitness involves appropriate social interactions, mental agility or ‘sharpness’, good memory among other factors.


Your Fitness – Best 4 Ways To Maintain Your Buzz After Exercise

Could actions you take after exercise limit the overall benefits of a good workout session? And even more importantly – how can you maintain your buzz all the way to your next workout? Read this article to see how you could make the most use of all that energy you generated…


The Best 20 Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Daily Routine

Here are 20 ways to fit exercise into your daily routine. Find an activity that you genuinely enjoy doing.
This is highly important because if it is not something that you love, it might be difficult to keep at it. Say, for example, you love dancing, why not make a playlist of your favourite upbeat tracks…..


Is Your Metabolism Related to Your Weight Loss?

Having a ‘fast or slow metabolism’ so to speak refers to how much energy the body requires to function at rest.
Various factors affect your BMR. A few are: 1. Sex – Women typically have more body fat than men
2. Age – People tend to lose muscle mass and gain fat as they get older
3. Physical activity – People with sedentary lifestyles do not have a high BMR compared to individuals that are physically active.


Treatment for Pins and Needles.

It’s that sensation of uncomfortable tingling, prickling, skin-crawling or numbness in the hands or feet. This usually occurs following pressure or strain on the muscle during normal as well as sedentary activities.


Bad Breath – Why & What To Do.

Although most people might not know that they have bad breath, unfortunately, others might notice. This could cause embarrassing moments, as, people tend to naturally prefer to maintain a certain level of distance away from such individuals while holding conversations or even avoid talking to them.