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9 Recommended Changes To Help You Live Better With Diabetes

Updated April 2022 For people living with Diabetes, lifestyle changes to make for the sake of their condition can influence how well or not it is controlled. Globally, Diabetes is a major cause of illness and death. Part of the successful treatment of diabetes involves […]


Non-Medication Treatments for Diabetes Mellitus

Therefore, Type 1 Diabetes is treated mainly with the use of insulin since the body produces insufficient amounts and lifestyle. And, the management of Type 2 Diabetes involves combination therapy of drugs that lower blood sugar levels – in addition to diet and exercise


Treatment for Pins and Needles.

It’s that sensation of uncomfortable tingling, prickling, skin-crawling or numbness in the hands or feet. This usually occurs following pressure or strain on the muscle during normal as well as sedentary activities.


Can Muslim Diabetics Remain Well at Ramadan? – Part 1

In addition, the state of Diabetes control at the time is crucial. If control is not very good, and an individual is prone to erratic blood sugar changes at all times of the day, they could become seriously ill when embarking on the fast. The same thinking applies to someone who may have good sugar/ Diabetes control, but they are unwell with an infection like Malaria or a Urinary infection or Pneumonia – all of which can also skewer control of blood sugar.