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Image of coronavirus shows Covid-19 experience

My Covid-19 Experience and Narrative

But the Covid-19 experience of each individual can also share some common aspects: Stigma, Fear of survival, or isolation. Everyone has their experience or narrative and there are several inspiraing s

A group of medical workers dressed in PPE - Covid-19

A Covid-19 story*: “The Index Patient”

“What’s wrong John? Today is my day off”, Sandra murmured angrily. She heard John take a deep breath. “The diabetic lady you attended to a few nights ago tested positive for Coronavirus and

Pair of hands of african background holding a cup with some Vitamin D Pills and Covid-19

Vitamin D for Covid-19: Prevention or Cure?

Firstly, there is yet NO evidence that Vitamin D CURES Covid19. Secondly, suggesting that taking Vitamin D will prevent or reduce your risk of getting the Covid19 infection is also as yet unproven

Image with symptoms of Coronavirus

Treating symptoms of Covid-19 at home.

In some countries, those with mild or moderate symptoms of Covid-19 are required to self-isolate in their own homes. For some who have recovered without needing hospital admission, it has been descri

African lady with hand on her forehead suffering from fever

Treating Fever in Covid-19

Fevers are most commonly as a result of an infection in the body though there are other conditions which could increase the body's temperature. The normal body temperature ranges amongst people from a

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