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Cervical Cancer Awareness – The Facts You Should Know

The month of January is dedicated globally to activities targeted at improving Cervical Cancer Awareness. Within African countries, poor education coupled with misconceptions limit appropriate health seeking behaviour.
This means people may not seek help for changes in their bodies until its too late.


Cancer Awareness – Addressing Breast Cancer Misconceptions

Often, the wrong information begins to circulate as the truth, meaning that we do not take the adequate steps necessary to reduce our risks of illhealth.
This is especially significant for conditions like breast cancer that can take a significant toll on your physical, mental and emotional health. We look at some of the breast cancer misconceptions here.


Life Expectancy of a Breast Cancer Survivor post-Chemo

Deciding the life expectancy of a breast cancer survivor after chemotherapy or other treatment is not an exact science. In this article, let us explore some opinions on factors that can affect your survival after cancer treatments. How can outcomes improve for breast cancer treatment? […]