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Cancer Awareness – Addressing Breast Cancer Misconceptions

Often, the wrong information begins to circulate as the truth, meaning that we do not take the adequate steps necessary to reduce our risks of illhealth.
This is especially significant for conditions like breast cancer that can take a significant toll on your physical, mental and emotional health. We look at some of the breast cancer misconceptions here.


Top Habits for Breast Cancer Survivors that Actually work

What healthy habits should breast cancer survivors practice after chemotherapy (or other treatments)? In addition to recovering from surgery, chemo- or radiotherapy, breast cancer survivors will need a lifestyle plan that maximises their potential for health. Generally, it is important to address both mental and […]


What Makes People Die During Chemotherapy?

Death during chemotherapy should not be a common event.
Chemotherapy works by killing the cancer cells, but it can also have a destructive effect on healthy cells.


Life Expectancy of a Breast Cancer Survivor post-Chemo

Deciding the life expectancy of a breast cancer survivor after chemotherapy or other treatment is not an exact science. In this article, let us explore some opinions on factors that can affect your survival after cancer treatments. How can outcomes improve for breast cancer treatment? […]


Chemotherapy – the only solution to breast cancer?

Put simply, breast cancer is a disorder of the breast that happens when some tissues of the breast start to grow abnormally. We don’t know exactly why this happens, but we know that certain conditions could increase the risk of it happening. Conditions associated with […]