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Dealing Safely with Mechanical Low Back Pain

Updated December 2022 Back Pain is one of the most common ailments and has various causes. We know mechanical low back pain is high on the list of reasons for you to experience back pain. Introduction Mechanical Low Back Pain could develop along the course of routine […]


What’s a Slipped Disc and how can it be treated?

A slipped disc (also known as herniated disc; or disc prolapse) occurs when the nucleus (of the vertebral discs) cracks or ruptures through a weak area in the outer ring, as a result of wear and tear, trauma or some other illnesses.
When this occurs, the gel from the nucleus irritates the spinal nerves around the disc.
This results in inflammation and may manifest in symptoms such as numbness, tingling of the arms, legs or back and
weakness in the limb associated with the affected part of the spine
and back pain.