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Semen Analysis in Male Infertility – Pt 3:

 Welcome back! In this final segment on Male Infertility, we look at a few other causes of male infertility. We also look briefly at the Sperm Report and Semen Analysis – what it means. If you

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Male Infertility and its Causes – Part 1

Male Infertility as a social problem in developing countries is quite complex. Generally, women tend to bear the brunt of infertility; as if they are solely responsible for the whole process of g

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Male Infertility and its causes – Part 2

In the first post, we address some scenarios that can be linked to infertility as a result of problems with the male partner rather than the woman.  Those are scenarios which, if reversed or treated,

Fertility is about Couples

​​Tips on Improving Your Fertility

What are the most important tips for improving your fertility? In the blog today, we explore key issues around Fertility using the graphic below. How Fertility should be addressed Fertility is a matte

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Masturbation – Harms and Benefits

Talking about masturbation is not a popular conversation topic even in most sexual health clinics. But – it’s an important area to cover as many theories or opinions abound which may not b

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Thinking about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very common problem. It is also known as Impotence. Even though embarrassing to the individual, it’s a real complaint which many men prefer not discuss – eve

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Valentine’s Bloody Semen Consultation.

Valentine is a 25-year-old nice looking bloke who came to the clinic at 4 am because of pain in the testes. It started nearly a week ago but that night at work it had become excruciating. Having taken

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