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In our Personal Development section, you’ll find short posts on self-improvement, motivation, emotional intelligence, organisation and leadership.

Blueprint for Success

The simpler the plan, the greater the chance for success. One tip that helps me wake up motivated is to make a plan before I go to bed. Organising thoughts, and creating a schedule of what needs to be done allows a structure to develop […]


Risk-Taking 101

Every week we share profound thoughts that have motivated, inspired us, or made us reconsider our position on issues. Before you ‘shoot your next shot’, here’s this from Annalise Kieghe:


My mistake made me!

Each week, we share a thought that motivates us to try harder, start something new or just uplift ourselves. Here’s this from Steve Maraboli: Why cry? Or why not? Mistakes shape us and make us better or worse. Next time you make a mistake, aim […]


Create Your Own Beauty

Motivation has to be a regularly occurring activity – you can’t be motivated once and remain motivated for life.
Successful people learn what best motivates them and keep them handy for use at the right time.


Does Life Without Stress Equal Happiness?

As adults, of course, stress has so much more weight; pressure from exams, work, from relationships expecting us to go one way or the other. But there are ways to overcome stress. Recognise when you are stressed.


Cherish Your Dreams

Each week, we share a thought that’s motivating us to try harder, start something new or just uplift ourselves. Here’s this from Umair Hague – When you have a dream, cherish it. Some people can’t help discrediting your idea because of their experience – be […]