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Natural Medicine refers to the use of natural treatments in managing disease conditions. Particularly we explore how natural medicine can work with orthodox care for safe, effective treatment.

Homeopathy Practice – Can It Survive?

You should proceed with care when considering homeopathy practice as a choice for your health care
Taking the medicines may possibly do no harm physically, but adherence to homeopathy while seeking cure could delay more appropriate and effective treatments.


Natural Therapy Practitioners

Natural Therapy Practitioners have developed skills in managing some health conditions with natural elements

Around the world, they have always existed in one form or another, but have not been properly regulated in many low and middle income countries.


Understanding Natural Therapies

But now she faced a dilemma. She’d been forced to see a doctor as she’d been feeling very weak and tired lately. Now, she’d been told she, too, was diabetic. And they gave her a list of tablets she had to use every day – for the rest of her life. Fortunately, her best friend Eve was a Naturopath. She said that while medical treatments were of benefit in treating Diabetes, she could also help herself by using some natural therapy to keep her well and reduce her risk of developing complications.