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Bottles containing a brown liquid - Madagascar Covid Organics

Madagascar Covid-Organics : What Africa should do…

Apart from ethical considerations, people's health, life, and livelihood are at stake when new health care products are promoted. Therefore, when a 'candidate agent' such as MADAGASCAR COVID ORGANICS

A dish of steamed fish topped with sliced red onions

Onions – tasty veg or more?

But the much less known facts which could drive their consumption even higher are: Onions are filled with essential vitamins and minerals They are loaded with medicinal value and possess very excitin

Homeopathy practice involves diluting and mixing natural substances.

Homeopathy Practice – Can It Survive?

You should proceed with care when considering homeopathy practice as a choice for your health care Taking the medicines may possibly do no harm physically, but adherence to homeopathy while seeking cu

A pair of healing hands of a Natural Therapy Practitioner applying healing oil from a brown bottle.

Natural Therapy Practitioners

Natural Therapy Practitioners have developed skills in managing some health conditions with natural elements Around the world, they have always existed in one form or another, but have not been prope

Photo of a woman's hand, palm up holding 4 different sized tablets - but Natural Therapy could be an alternative in some medical problems.

Understanding Natural Therapies

But now she faced a dilemma. She'd been forced to see a doctor as she'd been feeling very weak and tired lately. Now, she'd been told she, too, was diabetic. And they gave her a list of tablets she ha

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