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When To Be Worried About Cough In Your Child

What comes to mind when your child has a cough that just won’t go away? Coughs in children are among the commonest reasons for anxious consultations. In this post, we look at what conditions could be present depending on the duration and type of cough. […]


Power from Shared Experiences Around Menopause Symptoms

A few weeks ago, I spent a morning with a group of amazing women talking about our health care experiences around menopause symptoms. It was a slightly chilly, drizzly morning as I arrived at the inner-city location for our meeting that day. But as I […]


How Menopause Affects Black Women

Are you black, approaching middle years and wondering how to deal with new changes to your body from menopause? Well, let’s talk about how menopause affects black women. Perhaps you listen to older women in your network who talk about their struggles with menopause symptoms – […]


When to Ask Yourself: “Is My Period Abnormal ?”

ADVERTISEMENT This is a popular question as many women have different experiences making them feel their period is abnormal.  The menstrual period, its cycle, pattern, character etc; differs from one woman to another. What this means is that before we can decide there is a problem […]