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Our addictions section contains blog posts around issues to do misuse of alcohol, drugs or other problems (like gambling).

Misusing Drugs: Who needs medical advice anyway? Part 1

This article targets the individual and household levels to provide important information using scenarios or imaginary case studies to connect with readers in diagnosing the problem of misuse of drugs and in proffering solutions, which in this case is to always seek medical advice before taking any medication to avoid serious complications.


Harmful effects of Codeine- based Cough Mixtures

The face of drug addiction in Nigeria, West Africa is gradually changing. It’s not just the ‘hard’ drugs we need to worry about – but those easily accessible for common health problems. Take a closer look… Why focus on Cough Mixtures? Increasingly news reports reveal […]


Marking World NO Tobacco Day – What’s at stake?

Significant work is being done to promote a world free of Tobacco smoke. Here’s why its so important to keep the work going as World No Tobacco Day 2018 is celebrated. Learn More from the Graphic below:   ​​SMLXL There are great benefits to your […]