(Infogram) Don’t IGNORE These Causes of Scrotal Pain

Updated December 2022

Pain in the scrotum can mean several different things, as we demonstrate in the graphic below.

It can affect men of any age – and usually has different causes in each age group.

Regardless of age, it’s important to promptly speak to your healthcare professional about this symptom – in young children or adults.

Difference between Scrotum and Testes

The scrotum is the portion of the body directly underneath the penis (male sexual organ). It is the skin covering two round (oval) structures known as the testes.

What The Testes Do

Men are born with 2 testes (testis singular). Originally, they grow inside the abdomen and travel downwards after birth into the scrotum or scrotal sacs.

This ‘travel’ from the abdomen outwards is necessary for the job the testes do – the development and storage of the sperm.

This relates to why you must not ignore scrotal pain. Only a very short period of injury can affect how the sperm develop or function. In other words, left untreated, any causes of scrotal pain can affect fertility.

Even if there are no concerns around infertility (in elderly men, for example), pain in the scrotal area can mean an infection, cancer or a hernia which can result in significant ill health.

Scrotal Pain Causes Infogram

Causes of Scrotal Pain

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