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In medicines management, we explore harmful, inappropriate and beneficial uses of medicines including those prescribed or otherwise.

How Much Vitamin D Should I take During Covid-19?

Have you wondered how much Vitamin D you should take during Covid-19? Guest Article by Dr Ngozi Onuoha Background It is now three months since the World Health Organization declared a global Coronavirus pandemic.  And now – what do we know so far?  Certainly, we […]


(Video) Are Vitamin D and the Immune System linked?

Vitamin D is a (group of) fat-soluble vitamins known mainly for activating Calcium in our bodies and promoting bone health.
But did you know Vitamin D is a key supplement in the function of the immune system too?


Madagascar Covid-Organics : What Africa should do…

Apart from ethical considerations, people’s health, life, and livelihood are at stake when new health care products are promoted. Therefore, when a ‘candidate agent’ such as MADAGASCAR COVID ORGANICS is discovered, it is better to commission a trial or study on the agent.


Did you mean Citric Acid or Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)?

Let’s clear this up – Is Citric acid the same as Vitamin C? And what is the relationship between Vitamin C and Ascorbic acid? These terms could sometimes get used interchangeably so this is your ‘quick check-in’. What is Citric Acid? Citric acid is an […]