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Pair of pears as a representation of the appearance for the route of rectal medicines.

Using Rectal Medicines succesfully

Rectal medicines - Always follow the prescribed dosing directions. Remember that though these medicines are applied through the bottom/anus, thanks to having very rich blood vessels around the area,

Calm lake disturbed by a ripple - Erectile Dysfunction can cause similar disruption

Solving the problem of Erectile Dysfunction?

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? Men will generally refer to any problem affecting their ability to experience adequate sexual performance as erectile dysfunction. It could be problems with achievin

Homeopathy practice involves diluting and mixing natural substances.

Homeopathy Practice – Can It Survive?

You should proceed with care when considering homeopathy practice as a choice for your health care Taking the medicines may possibly do no harm physically, but adherence to homeopathy while seeking cu

A pair of healing hands of a Natural Therapy Practitioner applying healing oil from a brown bottle.

Natural Therapy Practitioners

Natural Therapy Practitioners have developed skills in managing some health conditions with natural elements Around the world, they have always existed in one form or another, but have not been prope

Pretty African Lady wearing golden braids and a patterened african print off shoulder blouse.

When You Have a Family History of Breast Cancer.

What should a woman with a significant family Hx of Breast Cancer DO to reduce her risks of developing Breast Cancer? Well, you cannot change your family history. But you could influence the followin

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