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Bleeding from cuts or other injuries

A common accident that can happen at home is a bleeding injury.

Bleeding can happen from falls, resulting in head injury, cuts or bruises to the limbs or other parts of the body.

Bleeding may be slight or quite profuse in any of these circumstances.

Injuries like putting a hand through a window or a cut from a knife can also happen unexpectedly.

Whichever the case, the initial response is generally same.

First Aid for Bleeding injuries

If you sustain a cut or injury to a limb, the following apply generally:

Apply firm sustained pressure directly over the cut until the bleeding stops.

If blood continues to spurt from the wound; or it does not stop bleeding after 5-10minutes of steady pressure, seek urgent medical advice or call for an ambulance.

If it is a small cut or wound, clean it gently with water after the bleeding stops.

Next, apply some antibiotic cream, and a clean dressing/bandage/plaster.

If the cut was sustained from a dirty instrument – it’s important to consider having a tetanus shot or booster as may be necesssary.

A tourniquet can be used for very severe bleeding affecting a limb.

It is a stop-gap measure while awaiting medical attention.

Tourniquets should be applied with care and for a limited period of time.

Other useful tips

For severe bleeding injuries to the chest or head, seek urgent medical attention.

Making sure everyone has up to date tetanus shots is important.

Remember to remain calm; witnessing a lot of bleeding can be unnerving but acting fast may help reduce complications.

Maintain any dressings properly – keep them dry, and changed everyday to avoid infections.

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