Category: Metabollic Problems

Metabolic problems cover conditions like Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, and others related to abnormal hormone or gland functions.

(Video) Are Vitamin D and the Immune System linked?

Vitamin D is a (group of) fat-soluble vitamins known mainly for activating Calcium in our bodies and promoting bone health.
But did you know Vitamin D is a key supplement in the function of the immune system too?


Vitamin D for Covid-19: Prevention or Cure?

Firstly, there is yet NO evidence that Vitamin D CURES Covid19.
Secondly, suggesting that taking Vitamin D will prevent or reduce your risk of getting the Covid19 infection is also as yet unproven


9 Recommended Changes To Help You Live Better With Diabetes

Updated April 2022 For people living with Diabetes, lifestyle changes to make for the sake of their condition can influence how well or not it is controlled. Globally, Diabetes is a major cause of illness and death. Part of the successful treatment of diabetes involves […]