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We believe one of the principal routes to optimum physical and mental health is regular exercise and maintaining good fitness levels. Here’s a collection of tips for how exercise helps and how to achieve your fitness goals.

The Best 20 Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Daily Routine

Here are 20 ways to fit exercise into your daily routine. Find an activity that you genuinely enjoy doing.
This is highly important because if it is not something that you love, it might be difficult to keep at it. Say, for example, you love dancing, why not make a playlist of your favourite upbeat tracks…..


These Eight Reasons Will Make You Drink More Water Everyday

The following simple tips that can make you drink more water:
1. Get a water bottle, fill it with water and replace immediately after drinking.
This would make it easier to track your water intake. A trendy and portable water bottle is even better as this is easier to carry …….


Growing Old and Mental Health

Mental health is therefore just as important as the physical. We think of Depression, Anxiety and other such problems when the term ‘mental health’ is used. But mental health is more than the absence of mental disorder……


Non-Medication Treatments for Diabetes Mellitus

Therefore, Type 1 Diabetes is treated mainly with the use of insulin since the body produces insufficient amounts and lifestyle. And, the management of Type 2 Diabetes involves combination therapy of drugs that lower blood sugar levels – in addition to diet and exercise