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Understanding treatments for sickle cell anaemia - image of different pills, pill sachets, other drugs and face mask on a bright yellow background.

Understanding Sickle Cell Anaemia Treatments in 2020

Despite the preventive measures, people with SCA can fall seriously ill. It is important to note that illness can start from age 4-6 months when levels of the natural foetal haemoglobin, which preven

Before and After photos of a lady of african background with an allergy reaction from hair dye

What is an Allergy??

Allergens are the substance that cause or trigger an allergy reaction.

Sometimes we do not know what causes the reaction

Young boy and girl of african origin writing at a desk

Dealing with Children’s Emergency in School

Children emergencies in schools can occur without warning. Sometimes they can’t be prevented. So, the best way to deal with such emergencies is to anticipate and be prepared, which is one of the co

Hazy image of a woman's face with tendrils around her face

Top Ten Things To Do – After a Snakebite

Snakebite is a fairly common incident as human activities encroach on or cross paths with wildlife. While prevention through safe environmental practices is important, it is also crucial to take the r

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