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In the emergency section, we publish blog posts on what to do, when to do it and how – if faced with common. serious emergencies.

Understanding Sickle Cell Anaemia Treatments in 2020

Despite the preventive measures, people with SCA can fall seriously ill.
It is important to note that illness can start from age 4-6 months when levels of the natural foetal haemoglobin, which prevents sickle red cells even in the person with SS genotype begin to drop.


What is an Allergy??

Allergens are the substance that cause or trigger an allergy reaction.

Sometimes we do not know what causes the reaction.

 But allergens can include: medicines, foods, fibre used in clothing, animals or animal hair, chemicals, dust, grass and tree pollen, cosmetics like makeup, hair dyes or henna, creams or household chemicals like soaps etc.