Common Antifungal Medicines and What They Treat

Common Antifungal Medicines and Their Uses.

Just as there are different types of fungi – Yeast or Dermatophytes, so there are different antifungal medications for their treatment.

Below are some antifungal medicines sometimes available over the counter. Others are only available by a doctor’s prescription.

Common Antifungals You can Get Over The Counter

Canesten – this is a common medicine used for treating Thrush on the skin and genital areas. It comes as a cream or pessary.

Nystatin – Mainly sold as oral drops for treating thrush in the mouth.

Miconazole – an antifungal similar to that is also used to treat Oral thrush in its gel form, but in powder or creams is used for treating fungal skin infections like Athletes foot.

Terbinafine (Lamisil) – is used for dermatophyte infections affecting the skin and nails.

Nizoral (Ketoconazole) – is an antifungal medication commonly used to manage dermatophyte infections affecting the skin and scalp.

Antifungals Only Your Doctor Can Prescribe

There are many other antifungal medications that are available on prescription for treating more severe skin infections that are widespread across the skin or affecting the nails.

Nails are usually tougher to treat and will not respond to creams or gels.

Less severe nail infections can be managed with antifungal nail paint or lacquer.

The more potent antifungals can have quite toxic side effects and will require some blood tests like Liver Function tests before they can safely be used.

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