Bloggers' Terms and Conditions for AskAwayHealth.

Bloggers’ Terms and Conditions for AskAwayHealth.

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Bloggers' Terms and Conditions for AskAwayHealth.


AskAwayHealth (AAH) is a health care promotion resource. It is a platform for communicating evidence-based health care information to our readers.

Our goal is to positively influence health-seeking behaviour in the community.

At AAH, we believe that by strengthening our individual readers with accurate health care information, they can take the right actions and influence people around them too.

This would result in a stronger and healthier community. We believe that most of what determines health happens in the community outside of health care facilities.

But we know that sometimes people might fall ill and encounter health care facilities.

This can be a period of anxiety. Our mission is to help our readers and their community stay healthy.

This also means that when they require medical attention at a healthcare facility, we provide clarity, direction, and companionship on their healthcare journey.

A. Our Terms & Conditions for Guest Writers, Bloggers & Content Creators

  • As a Guest Writer, Blogger or Content Creator for AskAwayHealth, you are a volunteer.
  • We provide guidance on the “Areas to write on and Writing Formats” (below), but you may elect to write on any topic of your choice.
    • This will cover health care and public health, including the application of natural health.
    • The AAH editorial team reserves to right to vet and validate your content and presentation in line with current evidence and practice.
  • The content and presentations that you create are yours.
    • This means they are your intellectual property.
    • This also means that it is your responsibility to ensure that it is original and not in violation of the intellectual property and legal rights of third parties.
    • As readers may rely on the accuracy of your contents and presentation, it is your primary responsibility to ensure that your claims are accurate and factual.
    • It is your responsibility to give credit to your source(s) of information by acknowledging them in citations and references.
  • You may post your writeup, blog and any other content and presentations that you share on AAH, on other websites or platforms as long as:
    • It has been at least 30 calendar days since the original publication on and
    • The later publication includes a link – ‘originally published on
  • You can request that we delete your contents and presentations from the AAH website if you give us a reasonable time (about 30 days) to do so.
  • By deciding to publish as a writer, blogger or content creator with AAH, it is rightly understood that your decision is not in conflict with any other obligations that you may have, for which AAH is not in any way, understanding, shape or form, liable.
    • AAH is also not in any way, understanding, shape or form, obligated to publish your contents or presentations, and reserves the right whether and when to publish.
    • It is our understanding that you have given us a nonexclusive license to edit, reformat, store, display, distribute and to publish, your contents and presentations on our website.
  • Your content and presentations will never be sold to third parties without your express written permission to do you.
    • Affiliates – We share material from affiliate partners on our website which may include pages containing your article/post.
    • Third-party advertisements – We reserve the right to include third-party advertisements on our web pages without your permission.
    • In this case, your content and presentations might be exposed to advertisements.
  • We do not include paid or sponsored (commercial) links in our articles, and final editing decisions are taken by our editorial team. Any decision to include do-follow links to a verified site on our website is entirely at our discretion.

B. General Guidance on ‘Areas to Write on’ And Writing Format.

  • You may:
    • provide a professional opinion on any health care subject matter for which you have the training, education and experience;
    • write short medical stories that may be fictional to convey health messages or patients’ experience (observing anonymity);
    • review articles, guidelines and reports; and
    • provide health care policy analysis and perspectives.
  • You may provide your video recordings discussing health care conditions and issues.
  • In addition, you may share (with permission) videos on health care events – seminars, conferences, workshops – about your participation and presentation, but with additional commentaries to provide context(s).
  • You may provide health care documentaries that you produced for your own use (and thus own the intellectual property) or those of third parties (with written permission to so do).
    • Please note that AAH is not a news outlet for news items.
  • Always spell-check your writeups using online tools such as Grammarly to ensure that you minimise grammatical and spelling errors before submission to the AAH team for publication.
  • Please avoid plagiarising the work of other people. Properly reference and credit your sources of information.
  • Please keep your sentences simple and short. Do not exceed 1-2 sentences per paragraph.
  • Where you can avoid using passive voice in your articles; opting more for active counterparts.

C. Some Guidelines for Articles.

  1. Writeups should be a minimum of 500 words and no longer than 2000 words per article (longer articles may be split into series.
    • If you would like to run a series on a health care issue, please notify our editorial team).
  2. Articles should be written in simple and clear grammatical English Language, avoiding the use of much jargon.
  3. Articles must be properly referenced and use materials and evidence within the last 5-10 years (current) for your references (as much as possible).
  4. Please avoid presenting other people’s work as yours.
    • Always credit sources appropriately.
  5. Articles will be edited by the AAH editorial team and there may be significant changes to your original submission to reflect the objectives of AAH.
    • We would usually provide you with feedback on this where time allows before publishing unless they are minor edits.
  6. Articles must only be health-related and should address health issues.
    • This includes content that health care users and healthcare policymakers consume / encounter which may be relevant to a global audience with a bias for the Nigerian, African and Developing Country reader or consumer.
  7. As a guest blogger, you are a volunteer writer.
    • Your submissions should be weekly or as often as you are able to. We are flexible.
  8. You will be fully credited on our platform and on our social media handles as the author of the material.
    • You may include photos or images (for which you have permission) that you feel will enhance your work.
    • The sources of such intellectual properties must be acknowledged in your submissions.
  9. Guest blogging at AAH is an unpaid role or opportunity.
  10. You may decide to stop submitting materials to us for publication at any time.
    • Please endeavour to provide us with a notice period of 2 weeks as a professional courtesy.
  11. Video blogs are acceptable as long as they are relevant to health care and recorded in clear, well lit, noise-free environment, in a professional language and tone.
    • Occasionally, you may be invited to meet with other members of the contents and presentations team to discuss topics or relevant issues. This is infrequent and would usually be short and self-managed meetings.

D. Benefits from Publishing your Content and Presentations with AAH.

  • You will receive exposure by having your work published on our website linked to our handles on social media platforms (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).
  • You will be part of a team providing helpful, accurate information to a population that needs health education, to change health risk behaviour and practices, and to promote well-being.
  • Your writing will improve as you develop more content.
  • Possibility of extension of any future opportunities regarding full-time contribution, membership of our editorial team and potential future financial reward.

Please note that you will be referred to as Guest Writer, AskAwayHealth; Guest Blogger AskAwayHealth; or Guest Contributor AskAwayHealth

Please direct all articles, other contents created, and enquiries to

AAH reserves the right to change the terms and conditions above without prior written notice.

AAH Editorial Team (revised July 2022)