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Welcome! This is the space where all our AskAwayHealth blogs live! Below, you will find several ways to read any of our medical blogs. Let us know if there are areas you would like us to cover.

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Firstly, we write health articles that explain and clarify the meanings and outcomes for both common and rare health problems.

In addition, we tackle common questions you forget to ask during the consultation but whose answers help you navigate your health care journey better.

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  • How to Deal with an Incoming Heart Attack – 5 Surprisingly Simple Tips
    This week’s guest post explains what a heart attack feels like and the immediate steps you can take to minimise complications if you are alone when it happens. A heart attack and other cardiovascular problems can be frightening, especially if you’re alone or it’s your first time experiencing it. Amid all the pain, it can […]
  • Donor Eggs & IVF: Benefits and How to Move Forward Easily
    This week’s guest post on donor eggs and IVF explores the process involved and the benefits of using donor eggs in your IVF journey. When is it the right decision and how do you make the best choices for you and your family? Read on… Moving Forward With Donor Eggs and IVF Advances in medical […]
  • 2 Early Pregnancy Symptoms (& Their Causes) That Can Unnerve You
    This page examines some early pregnancy symptoms that indicate serious disease. So you just found out you are pregnant – what could go wrong?? Hopefully, nothing – but let’s look at four common early pregnancy events, their causes, treatments and outcomes for the pregnancy. Hyperemesis Gravidarum Excess vomiting in early pregnancy. It is not just […]
  • Can Ovulation Pain Lead To Infertility?
    If you have been through ovulation pain, you may have a few questions about it, such as: what causes it, and are there any profound long-term implications (like infertility)? This post will discuss ovulation pain and if and when you should see your doctor about it. (Or you can watch the video). What Is Ovulation […]
  • Fibroids and Menopause – Do they SHRINK with age?
    I am 62 years old. I have fibroids, but my doctor said they would go away. However, I have been suffering for a long time. What can I do?  Askawayhealth Community Member Shop U Beauty’s award-winning skincare products with 20% off The Preface Set. Use promo code GIFTUBEAUTY What are Fibroids Uterine (womb) fibroids are […]
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