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Astounding Benefits Of Physical Activity For Kids’ Growth And Development

July 18, 2023

*Collaborative post on Kids’ growth and Development.

Kids get a lot of activity naturally. Nature built them to run around all day, full of energy, to learn more about their environment. 

group of kids playing at the beach helps their growth and development

But many parents don’t fully appreciate the benefits of physical activity for their kids. Many times, it comes second to schooling, education, and doing well in exams. 

This post aims to change all this. We take a look at some of the astounding benefits of movement for kids and why you should prioritize it in your home. 

Fun And Enjoyable

Perhaps the top of the list is that physical activity is fun and enjoyable.

Children who are physically active tend to have a higher quality of life than those stuck on devices.

It gives them the ability to experience a joyful and beneficial childhood that they will remember for life. 

Regulate Weight

Another big benefit of physical activity for kids’ growth and development is its capacity to regulate their weight. Kids are far less likely to gain weight if they can move regularly. 

Physical movement doesn’t just burn calories, as many people believe.

It also primes the body to use the food energy it receives to create new metabolically active muscle.

Children that get more movement are likely to have better muscle tone, putting them at lower risk of metabolic dysfunction later in life

Improve Stability

More activity also helps children improve their stability.

Movement trains the muscles and nervous system to respond appropriately to physical challenges, sports, and motions.

Over time, the child’s body becomes more robust. You may still need to visit a pediatric chiropractor, though, if your child has ongoing joint or muscle issues. 

Three black children playing outdoors with arms outdoors

Build Endurance

Another profound benefit of exercise for kids is its ability to enable them to build endurance.

Children that get physical activity regularly are better able to overcome some of the challenges they face, such as long hikes in the mountains or filling up heavy water carriers at Scout camp. 

Building endurance makes their lives more pleasant in general.

It supports kids’ growth and development as they are better able to cope with challenges that come their way. 

Improve Academic Performance

There’s also substantial evidence that regular activity can boost your child’s academic performance.

Kids who are able to burn off steam and let go of excessive energy are much more likely to be able to focus in class.

Their brains are also likely healthier because they have a better blood supply and greater production of factors encouraging neuron development.

Kids with the most physical activity tend to have the greatest ability to pay attention and remember what others tell them. 

Reduce Depression Risk

Another key benefit of physical activity on kids’ development is its ability to reduce their risk of developing depression.

Children who get regular exercise away from social media are less likely to experience low moods, which can also help with every other aspect of their lives, including schoolwork and socializing in real life. 

So there you have it: the incredible benefits of physical activity for kids’ growth and development. Are you excited to get them out of the house more? 

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