Hnads on a computer keyboard searching for information - with advice to 'ask the expert'.

About Your Health

How We Help YOU

Hnads on a computer keyboard searching for information - with advice to 'ask the expert'.
Get health information from experts who care about your health

What is it that bothers you MOST about your health?

Is it a lack of access to the right health care information?

What about being able to see or speak to a doctor when you need to?

Or perhaps its knowing what to do to prevent developing serious health conditions like cancer or Diabetes?

And knowing the right steps to take in a medical emergency; who to turn to and where to go?

Giving YOU Clear Directions

A couple of African background looking puzzled and worried
Getting answers to health problems from the experts is essential

We are all on different health care journeys.

Think of us as your handy health map and resource base.

Not only do we store away helpful health information for conditions that could affect you daily, you can contact us to clarify specific issues.

What kind of health information do we provide?

They are mainly answers to common questions you’d like to ask your doctor.

And while our aim is not to replace your doctor, it’s true that many questions may not pop up in the consulting room

Or you feel too embarassed to ask.

It’s ok. We have your back.

So, we separate the health information on a range of conditions into different categories where you can look up the area that you are interested in.

Click on a link below to begin.

Don’t forget you can always ask a question to further clarify your understanding of any condition.

Women’s Health

Men’s Health

Mental Health

Children’s Health

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