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5 Practical Ways To Deal With Insomnia

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Staying awake all night to face a full and busy day without sleep can be exhausting and harmful to your health.

There are various reasons why you have difficulty sleeping. That can include stress, depression, or other health issues.

Whether you have long-term or short-term insomnia, know that you are not alone and there are remedies to combat it.

In this article, we will discuss five remedies for dealing with insomnia to help you sleep better. 


The first remedy you should consider when dealing with insomnia is exercise. It’s important because it can improve general health and increase energy levels.

Studies have also shown that exercise can boost your mood and enable better sleep.

Consider engaging in light or moderate exercises a few times a week, depending on your schedule.

If you are a busy professional, you can take a break between work to stretch or take the stairs occasionally.

That will help you stay active and ensure a restful sleep at night.

Also, it would be best to be careful while exercising or hire a personal trainer to avoid injury. 

Good Sleep Hygiene

Ensuring you are in the best position to sleep well to combat insomnia is crucial.

Some ways to maintain good sleep hygiene include ensuring your bedroom temperatures are right and turning off your phone or digital devices because blue light disrupts sleep.

Having a sleep schedule and keeping your bedroom clean, comfortable, and clutter-free is also essential. You can also play soft music or light a scented candle to help you relax. 

Avoid Stimulants

Taking alcohol, caffeine-containing foods, and drinks like coffee and soda can affect your natural sleep cycle, especially when you take them at night.

Also, consider avoiding nicotine products and thoroughly research certain supplements before taking them at bedtime.

Stimulants work to increase your mental alertness and can affect the quality of your sleep.

Take chamomile or hemp flower tea from reputable suppliers such as 26 Hour Farms to soothe you before bed.

You can also speak to a health professional to seek medication for insomnia if it persists. 


Taking deep breaths or partaking in relaxing activities like yoga can ease stress and allow your body to relax.

Focus on sitting quietly and concentrating on a particular image or thought to become more aware of your body and calm your mind.

You can also consider taking walks in nature or going to the beach.

Exploring various types of meditation is essential in finding which is most suitable for you to deal with insomnia.

See A Professional

If your sleep problems persist, consider seeing a mental health or another medical professional to diagnose your condition.

Therapy or prescribed medication can be given as treatment to help you sleep well.

Also, working with a professional will help you identify the behaviour or patterns linked to the disorder. 

Lack of quality sleep can make you irritable, tired, and prone to other health conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to consider these remedies to ensure you get much-needed rest. 

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